Industrial Hub

Coordinating arena to support and secure interdisciplinary cooperation

  • Strong integration between the industry and the research activities
  • Raise the innovation potential in the research projects through interaction with NCE
  • Quality assure that the research activities have an industrial focus and that the willingness to cooperate is present among the industrial partners
  • Arena for meetings and seminars where industrial challenges and problems for discussions are on the agenda

Living Labs

  • Part of an industrial company or established besides in a R&D environment
  • Common resource for the entire company and researchers
  • Advantageously established as an own area in the company not interrupting the daily manufacturing process
  • Place where you make tests and experiments related to own challenges before you fully have industrialized the manufacturing


  • Meet the typical demands of several industrial partners
  • Contribute interdisciplinary in the projects
  • Started as generic as possible and be elaborated and adjusted to meet more company specific needs later
  • Operated in close cooperation between researchers and industry