Advisory Board meeting with SFI Norman participants

12 October, 2012

The SFI Norman Advisory Board hosted a meeting at Værnes, 12 October, where representatives from the Management Group and the Steering Board Committee were given the opportunity to discuss and evaluate current work, while planning for the future.

Based on reported results, the day started off with an evaluation of the progress so far, with focus on relevance and quality. Our three latest PhD candidates joined the meeting at lunch and presented their research plans to the assembly. Rounding off the day, the participants discussed further challenges and strategies to meet them.

SFI Norman Advisory Board and participants

Assembly ready for a full day of information and debate.
Clockwise from front right: Terje Kristoffer Lien, Annik Magerholm Fet, Günther Seliger, Ole B. Hoen, Tonje Hamar, Skjalg Sylte Stavheim, Torgeir Welo, Ottar Henriksen, Anders Kinnander, Ole Ivar Sivertsen, Lars Tore Gellein, Ola Strandhagen and Kjell Larsen.



Presentations from the meeting:

>>Research Area 1
>>Research Area 2
>>Research Area 3
>>PhD Candidate Quan Yu
>>PhD Candidate Thomasz Kosicki
>>PhD Candidate Taravatsadat Nehzati
>>Chairman Terje K. Lien
>>Kjell Larsen, Pipelife Norge AS