Industry workshop in Trondheim 7 September

21 September, 2011

The third industry workshop this year was held 7 September in Trondheim at the premises of our industry partner Teeness. It was an exciting meeting between industry, researchers, PhD candidates and postdocs. Ten of our twelve industry partners were present, as well as three possible future partners. The involvement of the industry partners at our workshops is of considerable value for the project. These industry workshops provide an arena for multidisciplinary work, discussions on future innovation and product development, and knowledge sharing through demonstrations of work performed,

The main focus of this workshop was the work of our PhD candidates and postdocs, especially their involvement with our industry partners.  Two of the PhD candidates and one postdoc presented some of their work on sustainability information in product development, the use of PDCA in product development, as well as studies performed in product development teams at Teeness. Professor Torgeir Welo, leader of Research Area 3 – Product & Process Development, held an interesting lecture on a lean assessment tool that is under development.

After a thorough and informative tour at Teeness, the remainder of the day was spent on multidisciplinary teamwork focusing chiefly on product development and innovation. The day ended with a tour of NTNU and SINTEF's laboratories at Valgrinda.