Industry workshop held at Raufoss 15 March 2011

4 April, 2011

Following the success from previous workshops, SFI Norman held an industry workshop at SINTEF Raufoss Manufacturing’s premises in Raufoss Industrial Park. Among the 25 participants were representatives from ten of our twelve industrial partners.

In relation to the restructuring of the centre, one of the items on the agenda was the research priorities in Norman for the period 2011–2014. The centre management and key researchers presented plans based on internal processes and previous input from the partners during the winter relating both to research areas and organisation. 

Several of the user partners in SFI Norman have facilities in Raufoss Industrial Park, and during the workshop we were fortunate to get a tour at Kongsberg Automotive’s premises and an introduction to their development over the last decade.

The day was concluded with a debate on future strategies relating to industrial cases and demonstrators.